Silvano Andolfi Foundation

Clinical psychologist specialized in couple and family therapy and transcultural interventions that at the moment is the supervisor of the clinical group.


The “Silvano Andolfi” Foundation was founded by Maurizio Andolfi in 1989 as a space for study and research on family development, following cultural and social transformation and diversity. In particular it has been developing psychosocial programs and clinical services for marginalized, homeless, migrant and refugee people. 

Cultural mediation

The Silvano Andolfi Foundation developed well known programs in Italy and abroad in relation to the formation and the employment of Cultural Mediators in school, hospital, prison and justice system dealing specifically with the phenomenon of migration in our country.


The Sivano Andolfi Foundation has been conducting research in connection with CNEL and other national and international structures related to Migration, Cultural Mediation, Second Generation’s intergenerational conflict in immigrant families, Homeless people ect. 


The Silvano Andolfi Foundation conducted different training for cultural mediators and offered several international courses on cultural mediation, immigration and transcultural issues. 

Clinical activities

Since 1995, the Silvano Andolfi Foundation has activated Psychological Consultations and Clinical services Service for immigrants, mixed couples and foreign families. This activity has expanded over the years and is currently a point of reference for many services in the territory of the city of Rome regarding intervention with the immigrant family and also those situations of social marginality linked to migratory trauma, trafficked women, political refugees, homeless, etc.

The Foundation’s Clinical Services, have been directed and coordinated by Dr. Lorena Cavalieri for almost 30 years. More recently a service for transcultural therapy has been opened  in collaboration with  the A.P.F.’s Clinical Polo. All the clinical activities are within the space of the Accademia di Psicoterapia della Famiglia and follow a multigenerational and multicultural model.


It is possible to apply for a externship at the Foundation in order to observe our model of intervention with live families, mixed couple and individual at the edge and to join our international team.