Multigenerational Intervention Center (CIM)

Santiago, Chile

Directors: Alejandro Astorga, Alicia Cruzat, Daniela Kupfer

The Multigenerational Intervention Center has as its purpose the implementation of psychotherapeutic intervention processes, along with the training and supervision of professionals from a relational perspective that, in connection with diverse sciences, highlights the historical character of the human family as a multigenerational emotional unit.

Address: Almirante Pastene, 185 – Oficina 706, Providencia, Chile

Andolfi Family Therapy Centre

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Board of Directors:
Maurizio Andolfi, Honorary Consultant
David Hong,
Founding Director
Darrel Lourdes,
Managing Director
Bawany Chinapan,
Clinical Director
Dato Dr. Lai Fong Hwa,
Senior Consultant child & adolescent psychiatrist, psychotherapist

Andolfi Family Therapy Centre [AFTC] embraces, promotes and advances Multi-generational Family Therapy in Malaysia and Asia. AFTC aspires to be the premier teaching and training organisation;  advocating intensive and professional training through the lens of Multi-generational Family Therapy and clinical supervision.

Sharmilla Bt Abdullah, Family and couples’ therapist
Cheryl Chin Yi Fen, Family and couples’ therapist
Sarah Zehan, Clinical psychologist and counsellor with a focus on family therapy
Yvonne Teo, Counsellor with a focus on family therapy
Loh Poh Yee, Counsellor with a focus on family therapy
Minnie Chang, Counsellor with a focus on family therapy
Rachael D’Rozario, Counsellor with a focus on family therapy
Intern: Ng Tsu Mae, training in family therapy
Datin Indranee Liew, Educationist

Publika Shopping Gallery Address: No 9, Level 2, Block B2, Publika, Jln Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel.: +60102112698

NQ Family Therapy Centre

Townsville, Australia

Director: Eriola Sanxhaku

NQ Family Therapy Centre aims to promote healthy relationships in families and communities. We are committed to improving the mental health and well-being of children, adolescents, young adults, couples and families through the multigenerational lens and a family-focused approach.

Address: ​Level 1 – 140 Ross River Road – Mundingburra Qld 4812
Tel.: ​0466 341 420

Centro de Formación y Psicoterapia CONTINUUM

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Director: Vanessa Espaillat

We are a community made up of mental health professionals, specialized in different areas of psychology, and as a family therapist, we have integrated the Andolfi’s model. We work for the wellbeing of our patients through specialized therapeutic processes. Additionally, focused on sharing knowledge and skills to enrich the psychotherapeutic work of our colleagues through continuous training.

Address: c/Rafael Abreu Licairac #256, Renacer Wellness Center, 2do Piso, Los Prados, Santo Domingo, R.D.

Perth Circle

Perth, Australia

Director: Maurizio Andolfi

The Perth Circle has been founded by Maurizio Andolfi on January 2019 in order to promote family therapy in Western Australia. Clinical activities, supervision programs and educational workshops have been activated in order to elevate the cultural and social image of family therapy in Australia, as well as in Asian Countries (Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan).

Address: 99 Weaponess Road – Wembley Downs WA 6019

Rotterdam Circle

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Director: Cor Vreugdenhil
Board: Marten Tel, Arti Kewal, Roxane Warring, Marcos Rabello, Frank Asmus, Peter Simons

The mission of the ‘Rotterdam Circle’ born in 1996  has been to promote multigenerational systemic work in the  mental health System in Netherlands by providing innovative clinical and psychosocial interventions for people in need and by creating a very active network to connect colleagues from different backgrounds and institutions.


After the first time joining an international workshop in Rome (1987), I invited Maurizio several times to visit The Netherlands in the beginning of the 90’s. A wide audience also witnessed his way of working, together with Al Pesso and Russel Haber, when they did me a great pleasure of celebrating my 50th anniversary in the symposium ‘The body in the family’, which was organized in cooperation with the VU University Amsterdam (1996).

Because of my retirement inn 2006, I organized a symposium  with consultation and lecture by Maurizio for a large audience of professionals, colleagues and my family.

These were milestones for me in the many times that Maurizio and I were able to meet and cooperate.

Inspired by the way Maurizio has developed an international professional family over the years, I founded together with Ton Sins, and several years later also with Frank Asmus and Peter Simons, the so-called ‘Rotterdam Circle’ in 1996. 

The only condition to become a member of the ‘Rotterdam Circle’ was, and still is, to be enthusiastic about and interested in the practice of systemic working with families.

Throughout the years, we invited Maurizio almost yearly to give two-day workshops. In the beginning the group consisted of about thirty participants, who followed the consultations behind the one-way screen. Over the last eight years, more than a hundred professionals have witnessed the consultations with Maurizio, also from other countries.

In addition to the symposia with Maurizio, the ‘Rotterdam Circle’ is organizing four or even more evenings a year where videos are shown regarding the pioneers of family therapy (Satir, Whitaker, Minuchin, Andolfi, Bowen), followed by discussion. Another important theme in the ‘Rotterdam Circle’, is the ‘self’ of the therapist and how to be in a learning process with colleagues. 

As an experiment, we are now also connecting with the official Dutch association of couple-and family therapy (NVRG) to organize these video meetings.

Address: Goohorstlaan 9a, 2203 BB Noordwijk, Netherlands
Tel: +31624549650

Silvano Andolfi Foundation

Roma, Italia

Director: Lorena Cavalieri


The mission of the Silvano Andolfi Foundation is to deal with the planning and provision of services for people –Italians and immigrants– who live in conditions of social marginality.
For many years, the Foundation has been involved in issues related to immigration and developed a model of transcultural psychotherapy, applied in specific clinical services  for immigrant families. At the same time, the Foundation has been developing projects, interventions and researches in the field of cultural mediation, clinical and social intervention for immigrant families.

Address: Via Antonio Bosio, 34 – 00161 Roma
Tel.: 351 5861799

Learn more about the Silvano Andolfi Foundation