Multimedia Library

The Multimedia Library was established as a specific service of primary importance for the collection, preservation and processing of all video material produced over the past fifty years by Maurizio Andolfi, family therapy pioneers and Senior Faculty Teachers of the Accademia di psicoterapia della famiglia.

The video library is a very rich historical heritage which is used in the School’s educational activities and which broadly includes:

  • Collection of videos about the clinical work and theories of several pioneers and relevant international figures in family therapy;
  • Therapy sessions and clinical consultations conducted by Maurizio Andolfi in different parts of the world;
  • Personal training sessions and clinical supervision conducted by Maurizio Andolfi within the intensive courses for foreign therapists;
  • Video recordings of special days, theoretical lectures, conference talks, international workshops, testimonies, interviews, life stories.

The activities of the Multimedia Library Academy are carried out by a Team of psychologists and psychotherapists, who, in addition to cataloguing the material, produce montages for educational purposes in different languages. In addition to the work of a number of Italian family therapists, the Service makes use of the valuable collaboration of international therapists for the translation of texts, respecting the constraint of privacy. Most of the video material is confidential, and viewing is permitted only to psychotherapists authorized by the Academia’s management team.

Access to Multimedia Library